Tasked with looking at various global companies and updating their logos, I was able to come to nine updated looks for brands and catalogued them into a small art book. 
On the left of each page is the final version of a logo, and on the right is the development that led to final design. 
Hotel Lincoln offers posh and affordable rooms in Chicago, with views overlooking the lake.
Steppenwolf is a local Chicago theatre named for the Herman Hesse novel.
German company Acronym touts their computer-precision & bespoke clothing as their top selling points.
Italian scooter maker Vespa, known for their high quality and high pricing.
Energy sports drink Red Bull, with a more blocky design evocative of its namesake.
The worldwide music streaming service Spotify, with sound waves serving as the motif for this  logo.
Film distributor in New York City, unique in they distribute older titles for collecting.
Another design for Vespa, this time evoking intense eyes or wing motif based on what Vespa means in Italian: Wasp. 

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