For my Senior Capstone project, I chose to hone in on the impact that design has on the mental well-being of people when placed in a certain environment. ​​​​​​
A mockup that serves an amalgamation of design present in public transportation and public areas with high foot-traffic. Notice the sterile LED lights, the cheap plastic chairs reminiscent of bus and train transportation, and a dark industrial mood. 
A general mockup of what design elements are present in higher-income housing or locations for a select few rather than the public. Notice natural lighting, comfortable seating arrangements, tasteful usage of simple elements such as wood and concrete, and a pop of color courtesy of a planter. 
A still image of the final area:  a public space for work or waiting for transportation.  It would be a substitute for anti-homeless and "always be moving" design of CTA stations or where parks are located.
 Making it indoors protects from the elements, and the materials used are easy to replace if damaged.
The concept came to me by seeing how people were adjusting their living spaces for a healthy long-term work space, mixed with observations while travelling in Chicago on how places were becoming more designed to streamline people and greatly reduce loitering.
My thesis proposed that attention to design and interior design should not be limited to those who can pay large sums of cash, such as the case for large companies or million dollar homes, but should be applied to the public sphere. By doing so, it would boost mental well-being for all rather than a select few. 
Click here to see more collateral for the project and overall mindset, posted on DePaul's Design Showcase 2021.

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