My design poster "Waves Unseen" was featured in the Design Museum of Chicago's "Free & Open" Exhibition, chronicling Free and Open spaces in the city. The piece itself was dedicated to Lake Michigan. 
Part of my ongoing freelance work for the Design Museum of Chicago, I was tasked with designing navigational signage for the museum's second floor offices. Wanting to harken back to older standard signage but with a pop of modern design, I printed rounded icons (modern) on black vinyl (older). 
This created a seamless navigation which encompassed the design viewpoint of looking both back and forward when creating work. The images above capture all of the signage along with a screenshot of the vectors made when cutting. 
I also crafted visual experiments while the museum's (now released) new logo was in development. This was to help them ideate on the logo's potential in print and digital material. I pulled imagery from both their extensive ten year catalogue of exhibits and also created bold vibrant designs to make the logo attract attention and maintain legibility.
I have also created a graphic identity and presentation proposal for the museum,  but that work is under NDA at this time.

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